Crazy Carl and his Man-Boobs: An Austin Love Story

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How do you see into the past and learn what makes Austin special? Look no further than Crazy Carl spinning his flower on 6th Street. By telling the story of this flower selling, street performing, perennial candidate for City Council we tell the story of what made Austin, Austin. You want weird? Look no further than his man-boobs. 

This groovin’ track is a collaboration between cosmic rockers Shawn Sahm (son of Sir Doug) and Kevin Russell (Shinyribs).

If you call Austin home, you need to watch this film.

Austin is a fast-growing city that is losing touch with its weird” past. It has been transformed from a sleepy college town with a liberal reputation into a trendy center of technology, music festivals, Formula One and SXSW. The hippie, laid-back lifestyle of the 70s – cheap rent, live music and lots of psychedelic trips — are all becoming a distant memory.

One man has been through pretty much all of this change, and in many instances a catalyst for it. A flower spinner, performer for Esther’s Follies, nude model, multiple runs for Austin City Council and is final act – growing his own man-boobs.

Crazy Carl is one of the original hippies from that era. Follow us as we tell the story of Austin through this living metaphor of the city’s evolution.

Crazy Carl can lay claim to being the original Austin weirdo” – from street performance and public acts of civil disobedience — all the way to growing his own breasts”. His boob-growing process” is revealed in the documentary, so be prepared for a very, very weird experience. You can’t unsee it!

As we tell his story — from flower salesman to street performer to perennial candidate for city council – we are telling the story of Austin.