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Michelle Crosby

Executive Producer

Our native Texan, Michelle is proud of her El Paso roots. After colleging in San Marcos she went east coast to work for radio legend Don Imus. After tucking a few crazy stories under her belt, she traded NYC for LA and became an Assignment Editor and Film Segment Producer for Access Hollywood. After picking up a few more juicy stories and a very handsome husband she landed in Austin where they had a couple kookie kids. 

After teaching her kids to change their own diapers, she joined up with Beef and Pie, and for the next 5 years immersed herself in all aspects of production. In 2019 she took the reins as EP and proceeded to rebuild the production engine under our shiny red hood. When crafting each budget she puts the money on the screen and targets each project’s unique challenges without ever spilling a drop of wine. Experienced and affable, she runs a tight ship but keeps the mood loose. She’s collaborative, creative, and, on set, she is the conduit from agency and client right into Mike’s ear.

Mike Woolf


Mike has been at the warm beating heart of the Austin advertising scene for 25 years. During his seven year ride at GSD&M as a writer/​CD his biggest hit was Wanna Get Away?” for Southwest Airlines. But that wasn’t his only highlight. His spots for Texas Tourism, Gumout, Mac Grill and Texas Lottery moved sales, established brands and won all the awards (except a Clio for some reason). 

In 2000 he left the agency world to freelance and direct his own documentaries. Over the next decade he premiered six short docs at SXSW and Man on a Mission, the feature documentary about the first son of an astronaut to go to space. Most importantly he started Beef and Pie Productions where he brings his advertising, filmmaking and storytelling skills together to direct all kinds of creative content. 

He is a gifted interviewer, a creative collaborator and enjoys the process as much as the final product. He thinks his work speaks for itself and is tired of writing about himself in the third person.

Holly Millar


Her first job in the biz was as a college intern on Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2! And from that gig on, the Austin production scene got a whole lot better. She is the heart, momma hen and not-so-secret weapon of Beef and Pie’s long run of success. Yes she’s a whiz with budgets, schedules and color-coded pre-pro books but that’s not what makes her special. She’s the best because she cares about every single person she hires and works for. She respects their skills, accepts their quirks and will fight to the death to make sure they have every single thing they need to do great work — from equipment, a hotel room far from the elevator to a timely paycheck.

Landon Peterson


Landon is our renaissance man. He’s an experienced editor, natural storytelling, a master of motion graphics, a musician, fisherman and yes that was him playing the role of Cosmos Spoetzl in the Shiner campaign. 

Landon has a robust edit and motion graphic suite at Beef and Pie. He takes control of the entire post process from log and capture, through rough cuts, revisions and then deliver the finals. This allows us to run projects turn-key and have Landon put an editor’s eye on the creative even before we roll cameras. ¡Ay! Y Landon habla español. So he is the número uno para editar comerciales en español. ¿bueno?!

Landon is all Austin. He was born here, graduated Austin High and UT. After bopping back and forth to Barcelona for a few years he settled in as the en suite editor at GSD&M. There, he says, his first job was cutting a personal reel for Mike Woolf on 3/​4inch to send to a job interview. Shh, don’t tell, but true story!