The Story Behind the Name

We were having trouble staying on the road.

It’s hard to stay on the road when you’re massaging your belly moaning, beeeef… beeeef… beeeef.” The gluttonous amount of ribs in our belly were depriving our brains of the much needed oxygen required to stay awake – let alone keep to the center lane. We had just convinced our crew to drive 35 miles out of their way to eat at Bodacious BBQ. No one minded at the time since this is BBQ at it’s finest. All the meat at Bodacious is spectacular but the ribs, oh the ribs, they are so tender, so smoky, so endless.

But now, back behind the wheel, with another three hours of highway in front of us things were looking bleak. It was at this point Andrew did something that is still horrifying to the day – he takes out his pie to go” – a thick slice of pecan pie in one of those plastic single-serving wedged-shaped containers – and actually eats it. It seemed impossible and actually quite dangerous.

Now the belly rubs were accompanied by the low guttural chant of beeeef and piiie…. beeeef andpiiie…beeeef and piiie….” With heads back, hands on belly and without taking our bloodshot eyes off the road we said, sounds like the name of our production company.”