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This summer, Karen and Andrew are moving full time to Taos, NM where they will get their fill of horses, motorcycles and killer sunsets. Michelle Crosby will be taking the reins over from Karen as the new Executive Producer of B+P (huzzah! huzzah!). And while Andrew won't be a part of the day to day party, he'll be quick to hop in the Sprinter (now with espresso machine!) to DP.

Mike sees this as an opportunity for a whole new side hustle!

Noooo, Mike is going to continue Beef and Pie doing what he loves: direct smart scripts, tell original stories and build brands. And he's doing it with his team at his side.

Michelle Crosby as EP, Holly Millar producing and Landon Peterson continuing to groove as Lead Editor. We'll continue to do what we've always done: take projects from concept through color correction. We look forward to collaborating with creatives, clients and crews in a variety of new ways. 

On May 16th we’ll send Andrew and Karen off, toast Michelle in her new role, sneak a peek of our new documentary project and celebrate the first 18 years of awesome work we’ve all done together.